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Mobile Imaging

A Convenient Mobile Imaging & X-Ray Service

Choose an X-ray service that comes to your location. Canada Mobile X-Ray Inc. offers mobile imaging services in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. We provide convenient, fast service to Long Term Care, Supportive Living, Assisted Living facilities, Dialysis Centers and Industrial Sites. We even offer service in the comfort of your own home. Patients can now enjoy ease of access to diagnostic imaging services without leaving their care settings.

Better Care for Patients 

Patients are more comfortable when they can undergo imaging without leaving their care environment. With our mobile diagnostic imaging services, your patients can stay in the comfort of their rooms. We come to you, bringing all of the equipment we need with us. This is perfect for patients with limited mobility and for dementia patients.

Occupational Testing 

Most industrial and mining centers in Alberta require their staff to have chest X-rays every two years to rule out Asbestosis, Silicosis, Pneumoconiosis and other occupational related diseases.  We partner with various occupational testing companies who provide blood test, hearing test, and Pulmonary Funtion Test (PFTs).  This is a major hassle for employees and often results in significant amounts of lost time for employers. Our mobile X-ray service is a perfect solution. We offer fast, efficient X-rays at your location to save you time and reduce your staffing costs.

Nurse with a Patient

Imaging Studies by Qualified Radiologists

Imaging studies performed by Canada Mobile X-ray are interpreted locally by Alberta's highly qualified radiologists, who are board certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. We also offer automatic film comparison and patient history.